How to Register

To register to our nursery, please contact us through the enquiry form, or contact our nursery directly through our email or telephone details which are;


E:                                          T: 0161 477 0549



Full Day Session
Half Day Morning Session
8:00am – 1.00pm
Half Day Afternoon Session
1.00pm – 6.00pm


Additional ad hoc days may be booked in advance and are charged at rates above.

5% discount is offered for full time places and a 10% discount is given for siblings.


We offer Free Early years Education for 2 year olds – contact us for more information.


We accept all childcare vouchers schemes. Children are entitled to nursery education 30 hour and 15 hour grant from the term following their 3rd birthday. We offer the grant through full day bookings. The cost to cover consumables and extra services outside of the free entitlement (nursery grant) is £10 per day.


Please visit for government help with childcare costs, including 15 to 30 hours free childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and tax credits


No deductions are made for absenteeism i.e holiday. There is an additional charge for extracurricular activities i.e. Jo Jingles


Late Collection Fee:

Children must be collected by 6pm each day. Or if a child does a morning session they must be collected at 1pm. There is a late collection charge of £10 for the first 5 minutes and then £5 for every 5minutes after that.



Late Payment Fee:

Fees are due to be paid in advance, invoices are issued the end of the month to be paid on the 1st of the next month. For example your will be invoice issued on 24th October therefore to be paid on the 1st November. A late payment charge of 10% of your monthly bill will be added to your next invoice if your bill is not paid in full by the 1st of each month.



Notice period and booking changes:

Four weeks’ notice is required for leaving the nursery, the four week notice is liable to be paid in full before you leave. To decrease any days to your normal booking, we require four week’ notice also.